The Illumineering Method

Illumineering is a groundbreaking method developed by coach and psychotherapist, Lauren Mackler. It's a unique integration of the most effective techniques to help people break free of limiting patterns, liberate their potential, and create the personal lives, relationships, careers, and professional results to which they aspire.

Illumineering is based on the premise that when we're born, we are whole, integrated human beings with tremendous potential. Growing up, we respond to our life conditioning by adopting habitual thought and behavior patterns, many of which erode our innate wholeness. We carry these patterns into adulthood, and they shape our feelings about ourselves, our relationships, our personal lives, and our careers. Illumineering helps people break free of the shackles of their life conditioning, reclaim their innate wholeness, and become the person they were born to be.

The three modalities that comprise the Illumineering method are:

Family Systems Work: Identifying client blocks and their root-level causes.

Psychodynamic Psychology: Accessing habitual patterns embedded in the subconscious.

Coaching: Taking action to transform limiting patterns and achieve desired results.

Illumineering Coaching differs significantly from traditional psychotherapy and other types of coaching. Psychotherapy is generally more focused on the present and past, and most practitioners use talk-therapy to help clients process their feelings, or cognitive-behavioral approaches to help them think and behave differently. Coaching is typically more future-oriented, focused on client goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Illumineering uniquely integrates effective psychotherapeutic and coaching techniques to help clients break free of limiting patterns, liberate the potential with which they were born, and achieve the personal and professional results they seek.

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